Media services & commercial imagery

In one way or another I've spent most of my life heavily involved with the adventure, cycling, travel and outdoors industry - and with the media that fuels it. I've seen the whole show from the inside out, and from the bottom upwards.

This experience and a taste for the unusual blends sweetly with my skill-set and extensive contact network to provide a valuable and credible specialist media service. Over the years I have worked regularly on both media production and product development with major  bike and component manufacturers, leading clothing brands, outdoor equipment companies, sporting teams, international events, national tourist boards and TV companies - amongst others.

With more than 25 years in the industry behind me, my contacts for media distribution are extensive. From events to products and locations, my specialist  knowledge could be of great benefits to your brand.

If you would like to discuss media representation or production please mail me at Here are a few of the media and consultation services I can and do offer

Words - production and distribution of quality written material.

Pictures - commercial imagery with a flare

Broadcast - video and audio media management and production

Media representation - hands on brand representation

Media management - social media, blog and web material production and management and distribution.

Tour & event consultancy - from conception to implementation of specialist cycling/adventure tours and events.

Product consultancy - cycling and outdoor product testing, development and review.

Fell running, Lake District UK, Inov-8 shoes
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